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Open Storage of Caravans

Our customers need to store their caravans/motorhomes e.t.c for various reasons, such as:

                        *   Planning permission constraints
                        *   Covenants that do not allow parking of a caravan at home
                        *   No physical space on the driveway
                        *   Theft is normally very easy from a driveway
                        *   Not letting everyone know when you're away on holiday 
                        *   If your caravan is not on the drive...then you must be on holiday? 

Security gate closes the site to vehicle traffic between 8pm and 6.45am

In addition to our main gate which closes the whole site, from 8pm until 6.00am, we have a secondary security gate to the secured caravan storage area. This is permanently closed and access through here is operated by a magnetic key card. 

Second security gate is operated with a magnetic key card

These cards are restricted to people authorised to have access to this part of the site such as caravanners, all of whom are required to show photo identification to obatin one of these access key cards.

Caravans are stored on a combination of grass and hard surfacing.  The caravans that are stored on grass have both shingle and woven matting materials under the grass which keeps the surface firm whilst also allowing for drainage in wet weather.

Caravan Storage